Treating cataracts is one of the mainstays of Dr. Andrew Calman’s ophthalmology practice in San Francisco, California. Andrew Calman, MD, provides innovative cataract surgery, often without stitches, patches, or injections. 

Cataracts consist of vision-affecting clouding in the lens of the eye. More than half of people over 80 have a cataract or have had cataract surgery. Aging correlates with most cataracts. Other causes include diabetes, glaucoma, injury, or steroid use. 

Cataracts develop when protein in the human lens clumps together and becomes translucent. Evidence suggests that cataracts may be linked to smoking, alcohol use, and diabetes, but the major risk factor is age.

Several symptoms may point to cataracts. Lights may seem to have a halo around them, and nighttime glare is common. Blurred or double vision also may be indicators.

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